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Piano Guide Lessons:

I am new to music and I have bought 4-5 DVD/CD piano lesson programs, but your books and video lessons are the best I have found out of the many I have tried! The lessons ARE easy for beginners and you explain things just enough - not so much that I'm lost or overwhelmed, but enough so I understand what I am doing and why, and how to do it right.

Cindy Burdue, USA

I must say that your teaching quality is second to none. It has helped me to progress quickly and efficiently. I would recommend your lessons to anyone who wants to learn.  The value of these lessons is so good I would have had to pay much more money to have a teacher over here in the UK!

Todd Beckett, UK

When I joined Piano Guide Lessons I was worried I might not have enough time to dedicate to lessons. But I am chugging along and enjoying my progress! What surprised me most about the lessons is that although they may seem at first too difficult to master, I definitely improve each time I practice them! I've found that these lessons are the next best thing to having a piano teacher actually sitting with you for your lessons!”

Don Wolan, USA

Before starting Piano Guide Lessons, I was concerned whether I could actually stick to my practice schedule and not slacken off. But I've done remarkably well with that I'm happy to say. I'm pleased with the way you demonstrate fingerings etc. in the videos. Also - you don't pressure me to move on to something more complicated before I'm ready. I have recommended Piano Guide Lessons to my friends because I've been learning well, if slowly, and that is exactly what I need.”

Vivien Edwards, Canada

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